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Beau Smith

I've been enjoying the same strategy. During my month off I moved all my email accounts to Google Apps and have been unsubscribing to most everything. Email seems much more manageable now. Cheers.

Mena Trott

There must be something in the water. I decided to do the exact same thing this week. It's gotten ridiculous how many emails I get from companies that I have shopped from in the past. The worst offender is Neiman Marcus -- who incidentally I have never bought anything from.


I've been surprised by how well this works actually. In an effort to trim down the amount of time I spend going through emails, I started to unsubscribe from lists that I has somehow managed to get on that were not delivering any value, and I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of new emails I receive each day since doing so. Thankfully, the days of impossible to get off of lists seem to be behind us!

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